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Middle Earth

 DinoA little word from the maker:
 - well I am done with the basic of this page ! That will be the sites that always will be here (i hope). But in time maybe I will fill in with some new stuff. Anyway, it took me many (And then I mean many) houres in front of my computor making this site. And I hope you think of that before you go copying the stuff I made here! I made this site to give some credit to Tolkien. May he rest in peace. Tough you may not think of it, the page does not make it self. I (with the help of others) made this. And I would basicly give some credit to myself =) Not becouse I think that I'm so good, but becouse of the work I gave in to pleasing you. Think of that fore a second. There are some spelling mistaces here, maybe some picture errors, but I like my site anyway and I hope you do to. But what I ment to say making this thank you page is THANK YOU to all you visitors, and the other sites and persons hwo helped me with getting pictures, and some stuff. Tough I read the books so the text is made by me, myself and only me !! There are some links under, just to say thank you again to the sites that has been a good help on the way. Maybe there will be some moore in the future. And if you feel like giving me some LOTR stuff, feel free to !! I'd be glad =)
thank you

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