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Middle Earth

Bree - An Ancient Colony in Eriador Shared by Hobbits and Men
Welcome to the little village Bree, the place where the four hobbits were supposed to meet Gandalf the gray, a wizard who sent Frodo on this trip. Gandalf were not there, but he met a ranger called Strider, a male human. He showed them the way to Rivendell, but before that they met some trubble, alsow called the Nazgul.
Sign of The Prancing Pony

Hobbits on The Streets of Bree at Night
Outside The Front of The Prancing Pony
Bree is a kozy little village with a lot of nice people, but it isn't often they get a couple of hobbits there so they are kind of surprised when they see them. One of the people in Bree has been in contact with Sauron and the Nazguls comes to the town. Thats when it's time for Frodo and the others to leave...