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Middle Earth
J.R.R Tolkien

J.R.R.All about J.RR Tolkien:
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born on january the 3, 1892, and was raced with love from his mother Mabel Suffield and his father Arthur Tolkien.  Mabel didn't like the clima where they lived, and John couldn't actully stand it, so they moved to Cape Town and later to England. In 1896 Arthur Tolkien died, and not long after Arthur's father past away to. It got to that John almous lost all connection with the Tolkien family he had, but got moore connected with the Suffield family. "Even if I'm a Tolkien by name, I'm a Suffield by taste, ability and rage, has Tolkien said in a later intervju. John, his brother Hilary, and his mum, moved to the little village; Sarhole, whitch made grate impression on John, and is quite like The Shire. While they were living in Sarhole Mabel became a Catholic,  here family froze here out of the family and denied to support her financialy. She taught both of here sons to be catholics. And in 1900, Tolkien begun on the best latin school in Birmingham, one of his uncles in on The Tolkien site payed the schoolmoney. They moved around often and it ended with Tolkien starting on a catholic latin school in 1902. But this school was wors then the other , so his mother started to teach him hereself. But the next year he went back to the first school and learned the language of Grece. He loved working with langugage. In 1904 it became a sad and difficult time.... His mother Mabel died and the Preast in the neighbour-school took care of John and his brother. In 1904 John started with latin, and he changed his intresse from being interested in language, and to why the languages was the way they were. He learned several languages like grece, latin,and some old norwegian, and a little bit moore.  When he was around 13 years old he started making his own laguages like Nevbosh, with words from other languages. But later he fell in love with a girl named Edith Bratt and lost a lot of the interesst fore the study then. In 1910 he got in to Oxford and started to stydy language. He studied some nordic languages like finnish. He got a almoust perfect exam, and in 1916 he married Edith, not later after he got some toughts about making a english mythology....This is where the First age Of Middle-earth begins as The Book of Lost Tales, tough, when it finally got published it was called The Silmarillion, and wasn't there to buy before Tolkien had past away.......
Photo de J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Tolkien" is pronounced "TOLL-KEEN".
  • JRR Tolkien was a professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University.
  • C.S. Lewis, author of the chronicles of Narnia, was a colleague of Tolkien's at Oxford. Their little society, The Inklings, would meet for tea and read to each other from their latest writings.
  • The Hobbit first written for his children, was published in 1937. It took Tolkien 17 years to publish his enormous sequel.
  • The first volume of Lord of the Rings was published in 1954. The trilogy has since sold over 10 million or 50 million or 100 million copies, depending on who you ask. OK, it's probably 50 million, but it's about to sell a lot more.
  • Tolkien created Middle-earth as a world for his invented languages. One of them was based on Finnish.
  • He was a devout Catholic.
  • He never owned a television.
......After the starting on The Silmarillion, Tolkien got a grate idea: About a little hobbit in a hole in the ground. This became a children's classic, and is called The Hobbit, and is still being published.  It became a big success, and not to late after the gratest book of them all followed, you know what I mean: The Lord Of The Rings. In 1990 it was voted "book of the century".  In 1973 John Ronald Reuel Tolkien died. He was then 81 years old. Silmarillion was the last book he ever wrote and The Lord Of The Rings was abselutly the best! Tolkien ended up with 4 children: John, Michael, Christopher, and Priscilla, all with his wife Edith. She died in 1971, two years before Tolkien, after this Tolkien recived a CBE from The Queen...
Work list:
  1. The Hobbit - 1937
  2. Farmer Giles of Ham - 1950, 1978
  3. The Lord Of The rings - 1954,1955 (1987)
  4. Tree and Leaf - 1965, 1989
  5. The Road Goes Ever On - 1967, 1978
  6. The Father Christmas Letters - 1977, 1991
  7. A Tolkien Compass - 1980
  8. Unfinished Tales - 1980
  9. Pems and Stories - 1980
  10. The Silmarillion - 1983
  11. Mr. Bliss - 1983
  12. The Book Of Lost Tales - 1984
  13. The Book Of Lost Tales, Part two - 1984
  14. The Lays Of Beleriland - 1985
  15. The Shaping Of Middle Earth - 1986
  16. The Lost Road and Other Writings - 1987
  17. The Annotated Hobbit - 1988
  18. The Return Of The Shadow - 1988
  19. The Treason Of Isengard - 1989
  20. Oliphaunt - 1989
  21. The War Of The Ring - 1990
  22. Lord Of The Rings, Cenntennary edition - 1991
  23. Bilbo's Last Song - 1992
  24. Sauron Defeated - 1992

One of the most moving romantic tales in The Silmarillion is the story "Of Beren and Lúthien". Ronald Tolkien's wife Edith was his "Lúthien", as well as his inspiration as he developed the tale. On the tombstones of Ronald and Edith you will simply find the words `Beren' and `Lúthien'.