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Middle Earth

-Edoras and the Golden Hall of Meduseld, King of Rohan, whose mind is overthrown. Saruman's hold over King Theoden is now very strong-
-They had no warning. They were unarmed. Now the wildmen are moving through westfold, burning as they go, every rick and cot.-
Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas enters a place in Rohan called Edoras. There they meat Theoden the king under the spell of Saruman and Sarumans helper Grima Wormtongue. Gandalf releases Theoden from Saruman and they kicks Grima out of the place. Aragorn meats the fair lady Eowyn here, it will not take long before she's in love with Aragorn. Saruman sends an army of 10 000 people to destroy Rohan and it's people.
Then the people in Edoras moves to Helm's deep. On the way they meet another part of Sarumans army, but they beats it after a big lost of people. Aragorn is one of them but he survives and return before the battle in Helms Deep.
-Theoden will not stay at Edoras. It is vulnerable. He knows this. He will expect an attack on the city. They will flee to Helm's Deep, the great fortress of Rohan. It is a dangerous road to take through the mountains. It will be slow. They will have women and children with them.-