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Middle Earth

Welcome to Rohan. The beutyful green place soon taken bye the orcs.
This is the road the Uruk-Hai takes with Merry and Pippin. Lucky fore the two small hobbits, the riders of Rohan shows up and kills the army of Uruk-Hais and Merry and Pippin ascapes into the Fangorn wood before they were about to become food. Right behind them is Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, tough they do not know that. They speaks to the riders, but the answer makes them belive that the two hobbits are ded. But when Aragorn looks closer on the ground they know they are alive and they walks into the Fangorn wood. Were they meat Gandalf witch is now Gandalf the white. He's alive, sent back to earth to do something that he needs to get done. They heads for Edoras now with Gandalf in front with the horse Shadowfax.
RIders of Rohan go to War
-Rohan, my lord, is ready to fall.-